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A Quick Google Sheets Easter Egg

In honor of Pride festivities, LGBT employees at Google developed festive Easter eggs across its many platforms that celebrate the community. One such Easter egg is hidden in your Google Sheet.

How to make a magical rainbow appear inside your sheet?

Open an empty sheet inside your Google Spreadsheet. Now, type PRIDE on the first row typing each letter in its own cell. You will notice the sheet turns into a colorful pattern of columns like a rainbow. This goes away when you delete one or more characters from the word PRIDE.

Same trick with a formula

Insert this formula in the cell A1 of your empty Google sheet and see the sheet turn into a rainbow of columns.

Formula, =ArrayFormula(TRANSPOSE(MID("PRIDE",ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN("PRIDE"))),1)))

This trick was shared by Ben L Collins. Check out his website

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