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Google Sheets To Google Contacts (GSTGC)

Easily upload your contact list to Google Contacts using this simple add-on


  • Add the contact details and hit a button to save the contact information in your Google Contact list. 
  • Edit your Google contact list easily and effortlessly from Google Sheets. 


Uploading contacts from sheet to your Google Contacts
1) Open Upload Contacts tab and enter your contact data.
2) First Name, Last Name and Home Email fields are mandatory and should not be left empty.
3) To send the contacts from the sheet to your Google Contacts, click on Add-ons ➜ Sheet to Contacts ➜ Upload Contacts
4) After uploading, you can check by downloading the contacts back to your sheet.
Note: While uploading dates, check and enter valid dates using data validation.
Downloading contacts from your Google Contacts to your sheet
1) Click on Add-ons ➜ Sheet to Contacts ➜ Download Contacts
2) Open Download Contacts tab to check your Google contacts.
Note: You can use the dropdown options provided in the sheet on row 3 to make a selection of required contact fields.

Google Sheets To Google Contacts (GSTGC)

    • Please enter your Google email address during checkout.
    • Your Google files will be shared with this email address.
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