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Google Sheet Auto Archive Rows (GSAAR)
  • Mark a row as "Completed" or "Done" or "Archive" and that row moves into another sheet automatically. 
  • You can configure this add-on to run on any sheet and monitor the value in any column. 
  • Automate your work of moving rows between sheets using this add-on.



Activating the add-on with license:                
1.    Go to    ➤ Activation options   ➤ ◉ Activate                                
2.    Enter the license key provided to you after purchase.                
    Using the archiving script.                
1.    Open the Enter the source sheet name - This is where your source row is.                                
2.    Enter the column index to monitor - This column contains the value that triggers the archiving.     
3.    Enter the value that triggers archiving. - This is the column number.                                
4.    "Enter the Spreadsheet URL here,  only if the destination sheet is in a  different spreadsheet. Leave this field blank if the destination sheet is in this spreadsheet. 

Example: ""Expired Policy"" and ""Valid Policy"" are two sheets in this spreadsheet. In this case leave the Spreadsheet URL column blank.

If the Expired Policy sheet is in a different spreadsheet, you will have to enter the spreadsheet URL in order for the add-on script to move the archived row into that spreadsheet. "                
5.    "To test the archiving, open Example Sheet and change the Policy Status column to ""Expired"" or ""Valid"".

When you change the dropdown to Expired, the row will move into the ""Expired Policy"" sheet.
When you change the dropdown to Valid, the row will move into the ""Valid Policy"" sheet."                
Note: You can delete the Example Sheet, Expired Policy and Valid Policy sheets. They are for demonstration purposes only.                
Apply this add-on script to other spreadsheets      

1.    Go to Tools ➜ Script editor ➜ Copy everything from   code. gs                
2.    Open your sheet ➜ Go to Tools ➜ Script editor ➜ Paste the copied code in code. gs                
3.    Click on Save icon.                
4.    Copy the Config tab from this spreadsheet into your new spreadsheet.                
5.    Close all open browser tabs.                 
6.    Reload your spreadsheet and activate it with your license.                 
Features of this add-on script          

Archive/move rows from this spreadsheet to any other spreadsheet/sheet when a pre-defined condition is met     




Google Sheet Auto Archive Rows (GSAAR)

$9.00 Regular Price
$4.50Sale Price
    • Please enter your Google email during checkout.
    • You will receive a complete Google sheet template along with the add-on script pre-installed.
  • Lifetime. No hidden charges.

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