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Google Document Password Protector (GDPP)


Secure Your Google Document with Password Protection.


Installation and Usage:

You will receive a sample document with the password protection add-on script pre-installed, along with detailed installation instructions. Follow these precise steps to effectively safeguard your documents:


**Creating a Password:**

1. Navigate to Add-ons ➀ Password Protection ➀ 🔑 Activate Password Protection.
2. Enter your chosen password into the text box.
3. Reload the document to ensure the password protection is functioning as intended.


**Changing the Password:**

1. For password modification, access Add-ons ➀ Password Protection ➀ 🔑 Activate Password Protection.
2. Input your new password and confirm the changes.


**Disabling the Password Protection:**

1. To deactivate the password protection, follow Add-ons ➀ Password Protection ➀ 🔑 Deactivate Password Protection.
2. This action exclusively disables the password protection, without affecting the document lock status.




🔒 **Lock the document - Preventing Other Editors' Access:**

1. Access Add-ons ➀ Password Protection ➀ 🔒 Lock the document.
2. Choose between displaying a custom message or "You are not allowed to open this document" to other editors.
3. Your document will remain inaccessible to other editors until you unlock it.


🔓 **Unlock the document - Allowing Editing Access:**

1. Go to Add-ons ➀ Password Protection ➀ 🔓 Unlock the document.
2. Grant access to all users with edit privileges, even with password protection enabled.

**Copy this Password Protection to any other Google Document:**

1. Go to Tools ➀ Script editor ➀ Copy everything from
2. Open your target Google Document and access Tools ➀ Script editor.
3. Paste the copied code into
4. Reload the document to apply password protection to the new file.


**Additional Features:**

1. Seamlessly secure your Google Document with password protection, ensuring data integrity.
2. Restrict access to your Google Document by locking out other editors.
3. Personalize messages displayed to users when opening your Google Document.



No hidden fees. This product includes a lifetime license, providing lasting value.

International customers are encouraged to utilize the secure PayPal payment gateway.


Exclusively for Indian customers, we accept Credit/Debit card payments.


Should you require assistance or have inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Google Document Password Protector (GDPP)

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