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  • How will I install the product that I purchase
    Most of our products are automation scripts that we will share with you along with the respective files required to get started. You will need to read through the instructions in the file to get started.
  • Can I use the product with any Google account?
    Yes. You can use our product inside your free Google account or a paid Google G Suite/ Workspace account.
  • Can I request for a refund if I the product doesn't work?
    Yes. If the product does not produce the results as described on our product page please contact us immediately. Any reports coming after seven days from date of purchase will not be serviced. Feel free to contact us at if you face any issues. In the email please attach screenshot or screen recording of the issue and explain to us the issue that you are facing. We will try our best to resolve your issue within seven working days. If our team is unable to resolve the issue you are facing, we will refund the amount to you after seven working days from date of issue report.
  • Can I resell the product I buy?
    No. Our products are copyright protected.
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